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The classic car has much more charm and charm than a modern mass-market vehicle. Retro cars are not just vehicles, they are very different from the norm, which automatically makes them special and allows the owner not only to stand out from the crowd, but also to show his character and personality.

Ford Mustang Eleonora Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS

All our principals who say: “I want to buy a retro car, but I do not know which one” we recommend starting with the list of “10 desired cars.” This will facilitate the choice and will allow you to concentrate your further efforts. For this: morans

Decide what you need a car for. Are you going to exploit it every day or as a “weekend” machine? Do you need a cabriolet and do you plan to travel in winter? Is it suitable for you a sports car or do you need a big car for a sedentary family walk? Do you want to participate in exhibitions and retro-runs and how important is the originality of the design.

Alfa Romeo at the exhibition of the company’s work

Think about the purchase budget. A retro car does not have to be expensive. There are many classic cars that you can buy for very modest money. The upper price limit is estimated at tens of millions of euros.

Auto race of the GAZ 21 club

Make model of country of origin. In addition to the legendary brands: Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Jaguar, Bugatti and others, there are many other equally famous Bucciali, Voisin, Duesenberg, Delage albeit not so famous but often produced very interesting cars worthy of your attention.

DelageTourismo ZIS 110

Having determined with the brand and modification, you can go to the selection of the desired instance. In many respects, the inspection and defectiveness of the classic car and the diagnosis of modern cars are similar, but each model has its own characteristics, which it is desirable to know in order to avoid problems and significant costs in the future period of operation.

Unskilled recovery of a retro car can negate all costs

If the machine is located outside the RF, it is worth taking care of the issue of delivery and clearance. According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, for cars older than 40 years there are two options for importing a retro car: as a vehicle and as a cultural asset. Learn More

GAZ 13 “The Seagull Mercedes 190 SL

Think about the issue of seasonal maintenance and repair of your retro car. The rarity of the selected specimen is certainly an advantage from the point of view of investment attractiveness, but it can negatively affect the search for necessary parts and original components.

Assembly Oldsmobile 98

Think about the storage and conservation of  your retro car. The ideal option, of course, is a closed ventilated room, with a controlled temperature regime, to protect against the negative effects of the environment.